Grundy Insurance vs Hagerty


Grundy Insurance and Hagerty are two popular insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage for collectible, antique, and classic cars. Both companies have been around for several decades and offer similar types of coverage options to protect these valuable assets. However, there may be differences in pricing, coverage limits, and policy features between the two insurers. It is important to compare their offerings carefully before making a decision on which company to choose.

Grundy Insurance vs Hagerty: Which One Offers the Best Classic Car Insurance?

If you’re a classic car owner, you know that finding the right insurance provider is crucial. After all, your vintage vehicle isn’t just any ordinary car—it’s an investment and part of your family.

Two popular options for classic car insurance are Grundy Insurance and Hagerty. Both companies offer coverage specifically designed for antique, collector, and exotic cars. But which one offers the best policies? Let’s take a closer look at each company to help you make an informed decision.

Grundy Insurance: A Classic Car Owner’s Best Friend?

Grundy Insurance has been in business since 1947 and specializes in insuring collectible automobiles. Their policy includes agreed value coverage based on what you and Grundy agree upon as the vehicle’s value when it comes time to settle claims.

One significant advantage of Grundy is their flexible underwriting guidelines that allow them to provide adequate protection no matter what type or brand of car they insure – this means your prized possession will be covered regardless if it needs restoration work or replacement parts that may not be readily available elsewhere!

Another benefit with Grundy is their annual mileage caps; most collectors don’t drive these vehicles daily so being billed by how often they’re used can save some money! They have several miles per year options ranging from 1k-10k+ miles—more than enough flexibility depending on your driving habits.

Hagerty: The Name You Know

Hagerty boasts over 30 years of experience catering exclusively towards protecting classic cars across America through specialized policies made just for them too! Most notable about Hagerty compared with its competitors like Grudy would be “Low Annual Mileage” discounts offered (upwards) along higher liability limits provided standard without additional costings typical among other providers.

Additionally providing features such as roadside assistance programs including lockout services should problems arise while traveling far distances away from home base during rallies or shows where many restored classics love congregating together.

Hagerty policies also include agreed value coverage and provide full replacement cost coverage for any work done on your classic car. This means you can rest assured that no matter what happens to your vehicle, you’ll be able to get it back on the road in its original condition.

The Verdict: Which One is Right for You?

When choosing between Grundy Insurance and Hagerty, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer—it really depends on what matters most to you when insuring your classic car. However, both insurance providers offer comprehensive coverage plans designed specifically for collector cars—so regardless of which option you choose; both are top choices!

If budgeting is important then Grundy may come out ahead because their policy options have more affordable premiums – as always being sure to compare apples-to-apples with each provider before making a final decision though! But if peace-of-mind matters most, then Hagerty’s roadside assistance or higher liability limits alone could make all the difference when driving around town amongst less experienced drivers piloting modern vehicles possibly not giving vintage rides right-of-way like they deserve!

Regardless of who gets chosen while having fun cruising down memory lane with whichever “ride” selected… take solace in knowing appropriate-coverage was purchased from an expert at covering these beloved classics seen only by few others similarly passionate about these machines’ beauty & form over function timelessness.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Grundy Insurance and Hagerty for Classic Car Owners

If you’re a classic car owner, it’s essential to have the right insurance policy in place. After all, your prized possession is not just any vehicle, but a piece of history on wheels that requires special care and attention.

When it comes to insuring classic cars, there are two popular options – Grundy Insurance and Hagerty. Both companies offer tailored policies for antique vehicles with unique features and value. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at these insurers’ offerings to help you make an informed decision.

Grundy Insurance

Founded in 1947, Grundy Insurance has been providing specialized coverage for vintage automobiles for over seven decades. The company offers agreed-value policies that guarantee reimbursement up to the insured amount if your car gets stolen or damaged beyond repair.

One of the main advantages of Grundy is their flexible usage restrictions. Unlike other insurers that limit mileage or use cases like parades or exhibitions only once per year, they allow owners to drive their classics without predetermined limitations as long as they protect them adequately from risks such as theft and damage while parked overnight in secured garages.

The claims process is also straightforward with no deductibles required upfront before receiving compensation from qualifying losses due to thefts or accidents covered by the policy terms under which one can choose either actual cash value (ACV) payouts based on current market values instead of fixed amounts set when buying coverage initially done through an appraisal process included free-of-charge upon signing up if needed).

However, some customers find their premiums relatively higher than competitors offering similar services despite bundling discounts available upto25% off auto-related coverages further increasing savings potential overall impact being rather negligible given cost-saving benefits reaped elsewhere making its pricing structure more aptly suited towards those owning rare models where market fluctuations may result in sudden spikes valuations requiring adequate protection against financial risk incurs longevity downtime periods resulting less frequent driving patterns potentially reducing exposure liability thus lowering potential risk-related claims.


Another reputable classic car insurer, Hagerty, was founded in 1984 and has since become one of the largest providers for vintage automobiles with a focus on community building. They offer agreed-value policies that guarantee payment up to your vehicle’s insured value if it gets stolen or damaged beyond repair.

One notable advantage of Hagerty is their specialty programs tailored to different types of classic cars. For example, they have an American Modern Insurance Group division specializing in antique motorcycles while also catering towards hot rods and muscle cars via specific agreements and partnerships like Barrett-Jackson auctions where buying/selling vehicles takes place annually enabling coverage discounts available exclusively through them making membership more valuable given cost savings potential within certain niches versus broader brushstroke policies offered elsewhere not specifically geared towards such demographics especially useful when needing customized insurance solutions without sacrificing quality service provided by experienced professionals who understand nuances involved protecting these unique investments effectively during varying risk factors encountered along way.

Their policy terms are clear-cut with no hidden fees or deductibles before receiving compensation following qualifying losses due to thefts or accidents as long as everything falls under the agreement signed upon purchasing coverage initially even offering guaranteed flatbed towing services included free-of-charge often provided at discounted rates compared traditional roadside assistance plans.

However, some customers may find limitations regarding mileage restrictions imposed despite providing extensive perks including 24/7 customer support access dedicated specialist teams handling claims processing quickly efficiently handled directly dealing with local garages/body shops reducing turnaround time affected repairs decreasing downtime periods minimizing costs incurred by owners overall experience being further enhanced via mobile app allowing tracking progress updates remotely maintaining peace mind knowing all aspects taken care professionally promptly thereby avoiding unnecessary delays otherwise caused working third-party vendors possibly delaying reimbursement process unnecessarily creating undue stress turmoil both parties concerned.

When deciding between Grundy Insurance vs Hagerty for insuring your classic car(s), consider what type of vehicle you own – its rarity/value/use case etc., budget, and desired level of coverage. Both companies offer tailored policies that provide peace of mind knowing your prized possession is in good hands but differ slightly regarding policy terms, pricing structure, and added benefits like specialty programs catering towards particular niches within the classic car market. Ultimately, make an informed decision based on your unique needs – after all, protecting a piece of history requires just as much attention to detail as maintaining its condition over time!


1) What is the difference between Grundy Insurance and Hagerty?
Grundy Insurance specializes in classic car insurance, while Hagerty offers a range of insurance options for collector cars, boats, motorcycles, and more.

2) Which company has better customer reviews – Grundy Insurance or Hagerty?
Both companies have positive customer reviews overall. However, Hagarty tends to have higher ratings on popular review sites such as Yelp and Trustpilot.


Grundy Insurance and Hagerty are two popular classic car insurance providers. Both companies offer comprehensive coverage options tailored specifically for vintage, antique, and collector cars. While Grundy Insurance focuses on agreed value policies that can cover all types of collectible vehicles regardless of their age or condition, Hagerty offers a variety of coverage levels including stated value policies to suit different needs and budgets.

Ultimately, the choice between Grundy Insurance vs Hagerty comes down to personal preferences based on factors such as pricing, policy features, customer service quality, claims handling experience etc. It is best advised for customers to compare quotes from both insurers and read reviews before making an informed decision about which provider would be the right fit for them.