• When am I going to receive my order? - The estimated shipping time of our products are 2 to 16 business days, but no worries as you will be provided a tracking number and we will be available to answer your questions through the process. The earlier the order, the earlier you will receive your item.


  • What if I want a refund? - If for some reason your item arrives broken or non-functional. Don't fear, just contact us and provide proof "images and receipt etc" and you will be refunded. You can only get a refund if you have received a damaged/ non-functional item.


  •  Are all the items I order subject to long shipping times? No, The cause of the long shipping times is because of  high demand and interest and not all products are subject to this. If our supplier is in your state or country then shipping time will be lower than the standard.


  • How do I get in contact your store if I have a question? We have a Contact us page that allows you to easily contact the business. https://www.ablison.com/pages/contact-us


  • When will you restock on an item I missed? We restock on all items at the start of the month but keep in mind that we may not repeat past or current sales and some items may run out fast due to high demand. Any questions about when we will receive a certain item can be referred to the contact us page where we will gladly answer.


  • I have not received my tracking number, what is wrong? Their is a slight delay or you provided incorrect contact information. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to use our contact us page and provide information about the item you ordered and we will help you.

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