Types of Gyaru

Do you think you know all there is to know about Gyaru? Think again.

In this article, we explore the fascinating world of Gyaru fashion and its various subcultures. From the classic Gyaru to the bold and vibrant Manba Gyaru, these styles are as diverse as the individuals who embrace them.

Get ready to delve into a realm of self-expression and fashion that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms.

Get ready to meet the different types of Gyaru.

Key Takeaways

  • Classic Gyaru is a bold and glamorous fashion subculture that originated in Japan in the 1970s, emphasizing fashion, makeup, and hair.
  • Hime Gyaru is a subcategory within the Gyaru fashion subculture that emphasizes elegance and luxury with princess-like aesthetics, frilly dresses, and accessories like tiaras and pearls.
  • Ganguro Gyaru is a subcategory within the Gyaru fashion subculture that challenges traditional beauty standards with dark tan skin, bleached hair, and vibrant makeup.
  • Onee Gyaru is a popular subcategory of the Gyaru fashion trend that emphasizes a more mature and elegant look with tailored clothing, soft waves or updos for hairstyles, and natural-looking makeup with subtle enhancements.

Classic Gyaru

Classic Gyaru is a fashion subculture characterized by its bold and glamorous style. Originating in Japan in the 1970s, Classic Gyaru has evolved over the years while still maintaining its distinctive features. This subculture is known for its emphasis on fashion, makeup, and hair, with adherents often sporting exaggerated eyelashes, vibrant hair colors, and heavy makeup.

In the past, Classic Gyaru was associated with a more extravagant and over-the-top look. However, in recent years, a more modern and toned-down version of Gyaru has emerged. This modern Gyaru style still embraces the boldness and glamour of Classic Gyaru but in a more subtle and refined way. Modern Gyaru incorporates elements of Classic Gyaru, such as the use of circle lenses and platform shoes, but with a contemporary twist.

Classic Gyaru isn't just a fashion statement; it's also a way for individuals to express their confidence and independence. The style reflects a rebellious spirit and a desire to stand out from the crowd.

Despite its evolution, Classic Gyaru remains a distinctive and influential fashion subculture that continues to inspire and captivate fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Hime Gyaru

Hime Gyaru, also known as Princess Gyaru, is a subcategory within the Gyaru fashion subculture that emphasizes elegance and luxury. Hime Gyaru fashion is characterized by its princess-like aesthetics, with a focus on feminine and glamorous elements. This style often incorporates elaborate and ornate clothing, such as frilly dresses, lace, and ruffles, which exude a sense of regality. To complete the Hime Gyaru look, accessories like tiaras, bows, and pearls are commonly worn.

Hime Gyaru makeup trends also reflect the desire for an ethereal and doll-like appearance. Some key features of Hime Gyaru makeup include:

  • Flawless porcelain-like skin achieved through the use of foundation and concealer.
  • Bold and defined eyebrows to frame the face and add a touch of sophistication.
  • Dramatic eye makeup, often featuring false lashes, shimmery eyeshadows, and winged eyeliner.
  • Rosy or peachy blush applied to the apples of the cheeks for a youthful and flushed look.
  • Soft and glossy lips, usually in shades of pink or nude.
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Ganguro Gyaru

Continuing from the previous subtopic, Ganguro Gyaru is another subcategory within the Gyaru fashion subculture that showcases a distinct and unique style. Ganguro Gyaru is characterized by its dark tan skin, heavily bleached hair, and vibrant makeup. This subculture emerged in the late 1990s in Japan and gained popularity among young women seeking a rebellious and unconventional look.

Ganguro Gyaru holds cultural significance as it challenges traditional beauty standards in Japan. The tanned skin and exaggerated makeup go against the prevailing notion of pale and delicate beauty. By embracing a darker complexion and unconventional appearance, Ganguro Gyaru offers a form of self-expression and individuality for its members.

Furthermore, Ganguro Gyaru can be seen as a form of social critique. It challenges the conformity and strict societal expectations placed upon Japanese women. By adopting a style that's considered outlandish and unconventional, Ganguro Gyaru members are expressing their refusal to conform to societal norms.

While Ganguro Gyaru may have faced criticism and controversy in its early days, it has become an important part of the Gyaru subculture. It continues to inspire and empower young women to break free from societal expectations and embrace their uniqueness.

Kuro Gyaru

Kuro Gyaru is a subculture within the Gyaru fashion movement that focuses on a darker, edgier aesthetic. The fashion trends associated with Kuro Gyaru include black clothing, heavy makeup, and dyed hair, often in shades of black or dark brown.

Kuro Gyaru has had a significant influence on mainstream fashion, with elements of the style being incorporated into various subcultures and even high fashion runways.

Kuro Gyaru Fashion Trends

The Kuro Gyaru fashion trend is characterized by its bold and edgy style. This subculture emerged in Japan in the late 2000s and has since gained popularity worldwide. Kuro Gyaru fashion trends have had a significant influence on mainstream fashion, with elements of the style being incorporated into various clothing lines and runway shows.

Some key features of Kuro Gyaru fashion include:

  • Dark clothing: Kuro Gyaru fashion typically involves wearing predominantly black or dark-colored clothing.
  • Dramatic makeup: Kuro Gyaru enthusiasts often wear heavy eye makeup, including smoky eyes and false lashes, to create a striking look.
  • Statement accessories: Accessories such as chokers, oversized sunglasses, and chunky jewelry are commonly worn to enhance the edgy aesthetic.
  • Platform shoes: Kuro Gyaru fashion often features platform shoes, adding height and attitude to the overall look.
  • Mix of styles: Kuro Gyaru fashion combines elements of gothic, punk, and street style to create a unique and rebellious look.

The influence of Kuro Gyaru fashion trends can be seen in the way mainstream fashion has embraced dark colors, bold makeup, and statement accessories in recent years.

Influence of Kuro Gyaru?

Having gained popularity worldwide, the Kuro Gyaru fashion trend has influenced mainstream fashion through its incorporation of dark colors, bold makeup, and statement accessories.

The influence of Kuro Gyaru on mainstream fashion can be seen in the increasing use of dark and edgy elements in clothing designs. Designers have embraced the aesthetic by incorporating black, leather, and studs into their collections.

Additionally, the impact of Kuro Gyaru on beauty standards is evident in the rise of bold and dramatic makeup looks. Heavy eyeliner, false lashes, and vibrant lip colors have become more popular as a result.

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Kuro Gyaru has challenged traditional beauty norms and encouraged individuals to embrace their unique style and express themselves through fashion and beauty choices.

Onee Gyaru

Onee Gyaru is a popular subcategory of the Gyaru fashion trend. This style emphasizes a more mature and elegant look compared to other Gyaru styles.

Fashion trends for Onee Gyaru include feminine and sophisticated clothing choices, such as tailored dresses and skirts.

The hairstyles of Onee Gyaru often feature soft waves or elegant updos, while the makeup tips for Onee Gyaru focus on achieving a polished and natural look with subtle enhancements.

Fashion Trends for Onee Gyaru

Onee Gyaru, popular during the early 2000s and still thriving today, embraces a variety of fashion trends. This subcategory of Gyaru fashion is known for its mature and sophisticated style. Onee Gyaru fashion is influenced by popular brands such as Liz Lisa, Cecil McBee, and Ank Rouge. It's often characterized by feminine and glamorous pieces that exude elegance. Onee Gyaru fashion influencers, such as Tsubasa Masuwaka and Kumicky, have played a significant role in shaping and popularizing this style.

Some of the current fashion trends for Onee Gyaru include:

  • Romantic floral prints
  • Elegant lace details
  • Ruffled blouses and dresses
  • Classic tailored blazers
  • High-waisted skirts and pants

These trends highlight the graceful and refined aesthetic that defines Onee Gyaru fashion.

Hairstyles of Onee Gyaru

The hairstyles of Onee Gyaru, a subcategory of Gyaru fashion known for its mature and sophisticated style, complement the elegant and refined aesthetic of this fashion trend. Onee Gyaru hairstyles are characterized by their versatility and ability to enhance the overall look.

These hairstyles typically feature soft waves, voluminous curls, or sleek straight hair. One popular hairstyle for Onee Gyaru is the 'Onee Bob', which is a chin-length bob with subtle layers that frame the face. Another popular choice is the 'Onee Updo', where the hair is styled into an elegant bun or chignon.

When it comes to hair color, Onee Gyaru often opt for natural shades like chestnut brown, dark brown, or black. However, some may also experiment with highlights or lowlights to add dimension to their hair.

Makeup Tips for Onee Gyaru

Enhancing the sophisticated and refined aesthetic of Onee Gyaru fashion, makeup tips for this subcategory focus on achieving a mature and elegant look. To achieve the desired appearance, Onee Gyaru should consider the following makeup techniques:

  • Contouring: Use a contouring powder or cream to define and sculpt the face, creating a more chiseled effect.
  • Soft Smoky Eye: Apply neutral eyeshadows in shades of brown or taupe to create a soft and sultry smoky eye look.
  • Bold Lips: Opt for deep, rich lipstick shades such as burgundy or dark red to create a striking and confident statement.
  • Natural Brows: Keep the eyebrows well-groomed and filled in with a natural-looking brow pencil or powder.
  • Flawless Complexion: Use a high-quality foundation and concealer to achieve a smooth and flawless complexion.

When it comes to the best products for Onee Gyaru, it's recommended to invest in long-lasting and high-pigmented makeup items that can withstand the demands of a sophisticated and elegant look.

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Manba Gyaru

What distinguishes Manba Gyaru from other types of Gyaru?

Manba Gyaru is a subculture within the Gyaru fashion movement that originated in Japan. Known for their vibrant and eccentric style, Manba Gyaru stands out with their distinctive makeup and fashion choices.

Manba Gyaru makeup is characterized by its extreme and exaggerated features. This includes heavily bronzed skin, neon-colored eyeshadow, and dramatic false eyelashes. The goal is to create a bold and eye-catching look that's far from natural. The makeup style is often accompanied by brightly colored wigs, giving Manba Gyaru a unique and playful appearance.

In terms of fashion trends, Manba Gyaru embraces a mix of various styles. They often wear colorful and mismatched outfits, combining elements of punk, rave, and street fashion. Layers of colorful clothing, such as tutus, fishnet stockings, and oversized accessories, are common in the Manba Gyaru fashion scene. This style allows individuals to express their creativity and showcase their unique personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Popular Fashion Brands Associated With Classic Gyaru Style?

Popular fashion brands associated with classic gyaru style include Liz Lisa, Delyle, and Rienda. Over time, these brands have evolved to incorporate more modern elements while still maintaining the essence of the gyaru subculture. The gyaru subculture has influenced mainstream fashion trends by introducing bold and daring styles that challenge traditional norms.

Are There Any Specific Makeup Techniques or Products Commonly Used by Hime Gyaru?

Hime gyaru, a subculture of gyaru fashion, has unique makeup techniques and products. Their style differs from other gyaru subcultures. The audience can visualize the striking imagery of hime gyaru makeup.

How Does Ganguro Gyaru Differ From Other Gyaru Subcultures in Terms of Fashion and Makeup?

Ganguro gyaru differs from other gyaru subcultures in terms of fashion and makeup by embracing a more extreme and unconventional style. It evolved from the ganguro trend to the more refined onee gyaru look.

What Are Some Common Accessories or Clothing Items Associated With Kuro Gyaru Style?

Kuro gyaru style incorporates various accessories and clothing items to create its unique look. Some common items associated with this subculture are platform heels, fishnet stockings, oversized sunglasses, chokers, and dark-colored clothing.

Can You Provide Some Examples of Popular Onee Gyaru Influencers or Celebrities?

Popular onee gyaru influencers or celebrities include Popteen model Risa Nakamura, fashion blogger Aiku Maikawa, and makeup artist Kumiko Murasaki. They have gained a significant following on social media, showcasing the influence of social media on gyaru subcultures.

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