How to Wash Spanx

When it comes to caring for your Spanx shapewear, proper washing is essential to preserve its quality and shape. Whether machine washing or handwashing, following the recommended guidelines is crucial to prevent damage to the fabric.

Sorting by color, using a laundry mesh bag, and opting for cold water and a gentle detergent are key steps for machine washing. For handwashing, a mild detergent solution and cold water rinsing are recommended.

Avoiding bleach, hot water, and the dryer is imperative to maintain the integrity of the fabric. By adhering to these professional washing practices, you can ensure that your Spanx shapewear remains in optimal condition, providing long-lasting support and comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Sort Spanx shapewear by color before washing
  • Use a laundry mesh bag for machine washing
  • Wash in cold water and use gentle detergent
  • Avoid bleach, hot water, and the dryer

Understanding Spanx Fabric Types

Understanding Spanx fabric types involves recognizing the diverse materials utilized in the construction of their shapewear garments.

Spanx panties predominantly consist of nylon, spandex, elastane, and feature a cotton gusset, providing a blend of durability, stretch, and breathability.

Bodysuits from Spanx are primarily composed of nylon, elastane, and spandex, offering a combination of flexibility and shaping support.

Most Spanx shapewear utilizes a mix of nylon and elastane, with additional materials such as cotton, polyester, and spandex for specific garment types like tank tops, camisoles, leggings, bras, tops, and shorts.

Nylon fabric in Spanx shapewear is known for its durability, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking properties, while spandex offers lightweight, comfortable, and durable characteristics, enhancing movability and stability.

Understanding the different fabric types used in Spanx shapewear is crucial for proper care and washing techniques, ensuring the longevity and quality of the garments.

Benefits of Nylon and Spandex

Utilizing the benefits of nylon and spandex, Spanx shapewear offers a blend of durability, comfort, and flexibility for various body types. Nylon's durability and resistance to wrinkling, shrinking, and chemicals make it an ideal fabric for shapewear, ensuring that Spanx products maintain their shape and quality over time. Additionally, the quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties of nylon contribute to the overall comfort of wearing Spanx garments. On the other hand, spandex, with its lightweight and elastic nature, enhances the movability and stability of Spanx shapewear, providing a comfortable and durable fit for extended wear. The combination of these two materials in Spanx shapewear creates a garment that not only molds and shapes the body but also ensures that the wearer can move freely and comfortably. The table below highlights the key benefits of nylon and spandex in Spanx shapewear:

Nylon Benefits Spandex Benefits
Durable Lightweight
Wrinkle and shrink resistant Increased movability and stability
Chemical resistant Elastic nature for comfort and durability
Quick-drying Comfortable for long periods of wear

Best Practices for Washing Spanx

An article discussing 'Best Practices for Washing Spanx' will provide essential guidance for preserving the quality and longevity of Spanx shapewear.

To maintain the integrity of Spanx, it is crucial to wash them in a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. This helps to prevent shrinkage and damage to the fabric.

Additionally, sorting Spanx by color before washing is recommended to prevent color bleeding. For added protection during machine washing, consider using a mesh lingerie bag to safeguard delicate pieces.

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While air drying is the preferred method for most nylon shapewear, low tumble drying is acceptable for certain pieces. Hand washing is the gentlest method and can significantly prolong the lifespan of shapewear.

For faux leather leggings, it is essential to use mild detergent and cold water to avoid distortion or melting of the synthetic leather. Furthermore, air drying them flat is crucial to maintaining their shape.

When it comes to removing stains from Spanx leggings, it is important to use appropriate cleaning methods based on the type and severity of the stain to avoid damaging the fabric.

Cleaning Different Spanx Leggings

When it comes to cleaning different Spanx leggings, it's essential to consider fabric care tips and stain removal techniques.

Each type of Spanx leggings may require specific care to maintain their quality and appearance.

Understanding how to properly clean and treat different types of Spanx leggings can help ensure their longevity and performance.

Fabric Care Tips

The proper care of different Spanx leggings' fabrics is essential for maintaining their quality and longevity. When dealing with different types of Spanx leggings, it's important to understand the specific care requirements for each fabric.

For nylon and spandex blends, machine washing on a gentle cycle with cold water is recommended to prevent damage to the fabric. Avoid using fabric softener or bleach to maintain their elasticity and color.

However, for delicate fabrics like lace or mesh, consider hand washing with a mild detergent and air drying to ensure longer-lasting shapewear. Promptly address any stains using appropriate methods based on the type of stain to prevent permanent damage.

Additionally, air dry the leggings flat to maintain their shape and elasticity. Following these fabric care tips will help extend the life of different Spanx leggings.

Stain Removal Techniques

Proper stain removal techniques are crucial for preserving the quality of different types of Spanx leggings.

For dirt stains, gently dab with a microfiber cloth and a mild detergent solution.

Watermarks, coffee, or juice spills can be removed by wiping with water and soft soap, followed by thorough drying.

To address dye or ink stains, use isopropyl alcohol or vinegar sparingly to prevent spreading.

When washing Spanx faux leather leggings, opt for a mild detergent, cold water, and gentle movement, and air dry flat to maintain their shape.

It's also important to sort Spanx leggings by color and wash them with a mild cleaning solution and cold water to uphold their quality.

Washing Instructions for Spanx Activewear

When washing Spanx activewear, it is important to use a gentle cycle with cold water and avoid fabric softener and bleach.

Additionally, it's crucial to air dry Spanx leggings and separate them by color to maintain their shape and avoid shrinkage.

Following these instructions will help preserve the quality and lifespan of the activewear.

Gentle Machine Wash

To machine wash Spanx activewear, use a gentle cycle with cold water to prevent damage to the fabric. Additionally, follow these tips to ensure the best care for your Spanx activewear:

  • Use a mild detergent specifically designed for delicates and activewear to maintain the fabric's integrity.
  • Avoid using fabric softener and bleach as they can break down the elasticity and shape of the Spanx garments.
  • Always air dry Spanx activewear after washing to prevent shrinkage and maintain the fabric's quality.
  • When washing multiple items, sort leggings and other activewear by color to prevent color bleeding and preserve the appearance of the garments.
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Following these guidelines will help keep your Spanx activewear in top condition and extend its lifespan.

Air Dry Only

After machine washing Spanx activewear on a gentle cycle with cold water, it is essential to air dry the garments to maintain their shape, elasticity, and performance. Air drying helps prevent shrinkage and preserves the fabric's moisture-wicking properties, crucial for Spanx leggings and other activewear. To emphasize the benefits of air drying, consider the following comparison:

Air Drying Machine Drying
Preserves fabric shape and elasticity May cause shrinkage and damage fabric
Maintains moisture-wicking properties May reduce moisture-wicking capabilities
Prevents potential damage and loss of performance May compromise garment effectiveness
Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient Consumes additional energy and resources

Avoid Fabric Softener

It is important to maintain the integrity of Spanx activewear by avoiding the use of fabric softener during the washing process. Fabric softener can significantly impact the performance and durability of Spanx activewear, particularly in terms of moisture-wicking, elasticity, and shaping effects.

To ensure the quality and functionality of your Spanx activewear, follow these guidelines:

  • Preserve Moisture-Wicking Properties: Fabric softener can interfere with the moisture-wicking capabilities of the nylon used in Spanx activewear, affecting its performance during workouts.
  • Maintain Elasticity and Stability: Fabric softener can reduce the elasticity and stability of the spandex and elastane used in Spanx activewear.
  • Avoid Residue Build-Up: Using fabric softener may leave a residue on the fabric, impacting the compression and shaping effects of the Spanx activewear.
  • Safeguard Durability: Skipping fabric softener when washing Spanx activewear helps preserve the garment's durability and resistance to oils and chemicals.

Using Cruelty-Free Detergent

Selecting a cruelty-free detergent is essential for maintaining the ethical integrity of washing Spanx shapewear. When it comes to cleaning Spanx, using a detergent that is not tested on animals and is free from animal-derived ingredients aligns with ethical preferences.

Cruelty-free detergents are formulated without harsh chemicals and are often biodegradable, making them a suitable choice for maintaining the quality of the materials in Spanx shapewear. These detergents are gentle on fabrics, ensuring that the integrity and elasticity of the Spanx are preserved during the washing process.

Additionally, opting for cruelty-free detergent supports eco-friendly laundry practices, as they are less harmful to the environment. When washing Spanx, especially when handwashing, choosing a cruelty-free detergent not only aligns with ethical values but also helps in prolonging the lifespan of the shapewear.

It is important to read the labels carefully and look for certifications from reputable cruelty-free organizations to ensure that the detergent meets the desired ethical standards. By using cruelty-free detergent, individuals can maintain the quality of their Spanx while upholding their ethical principles.

Removing Stains From Spanx

Regularly inspect your Spanx leggings for stains to address any marks promptly. Stains can detract from the appearance of your leggings and may become more difficult to remove if left untreated.

To effectively remove stains from Spanx, consider the following tips:

  • Grade 1 Stains: Use a microfiber cloth and mild detergent to gently dab at the stain, working from the outside in to prevent spreading.
  • Grade 2 Stains: For watermarks or spills, wipe the affected area with water and a small amount of soft soap, then allow it to air dry.
  • Grade 3 Stains: Treat more stubborn stains like dye or ink with isopropyl alcohol or vinegar to prevent them from spreading. Blot the stain carefully without rubbing to avoid making it worse.
  • Color Sorting: Before washing, sort your Spanx leggings by color to prevent color bleeding. Use a gentle cleaning solution suitable for the fabric and avoid using fabric softener or bleach, as these can affect the quality of the leggings.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Fabric Softener When Washing Spanx?

Fabric softener should be avoided when washing Spanx shapewear. It can decrease the effectiveness of nylon and spandex, interfering with moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. Following washing guidelines, such as avoiding fabric softener, helps maintain the shapewear's quality and shape.

Are There Any Specific Drying Instructions for Spanx?

Specific drying instructions for Spanx shapewear vary depending on the material and garment type. Generally, air drying is recommended to prevent shrinkage, with some pieces suitable for low-heat tumble drying as indicated on the care label.

How Often Should I Wash My Spanx?

Regularly refreshing shapewear like Spanx is pivotal for hygiene and efficacy. Consistent washing after each use maintains the garment's integrity. Following care instructions, such as gentle machine or hand washing, ensures longevity and performance of the shapewear.

Can I Use Bleach to Remove Tough Stains From Spanx?

Bleach should not be used to remove tough stains from Spanx as it can damage the delicate fabric, causing shrinkage, discoloration, and compromised elasticity. Following recommended washing guidelines ensures the longevity and quality of Spanx.

What Is the Best Way to Store Spanx to Maintain Their Shape?

To maintain Spanx's shape, store them flat or hanging in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Prevent creasing by avoiding folding and keep them separate from other clothing. Using compartmentalized storage can help maintain their form.


In conclusion, properly washing Spanx shapewear is essential for maintaining its quality and shape. By using a laundry mesh bag, cold water, and a gentle detergent, you can prevent color bleeding and maintain the fabric's integrity.

Whether machine washing or handwashing, it is important to avoid bleach, hot water, and the dryer to prevent shrinkage and damage.

Following these best practices will ensure that your Spanx shapewear stays in top condition for a long time.

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