Types of Dubstep

While some may argue that dubstep is a singular genre, the truth is that it encompasses a variety of subgenres, each with its own distinct characteristics and sound.

From the heavy bass drops of brostep to the ethereal melodies of chillstep, there is something for everyone within the world of dubstep.

This article explores the different types of dubstep, shedding light on the unique features and influences that define each subgenre.

Get ready to dive into the diverse and exhilarating world of dubstep.

Key Takeaways

  • Dubstep has several subgenres, including brostep, chillstep, riddim, trapstep, and future garage.
  • Chillstep is a relaxing subgenre known for its melodic beats and soothing vocals.
  • Experimental dubstep artists push genre boundaries and create unique tracks using unconventional rhythms and sound combinations.
  • The evolution of brostep and the incorporation of dubstep elements into other genres have influenced the development of various subgenres and electronic music as a whole.


Brostep is a genre of dubstep characterized by aggressive, high-energy basslines and intense drops. Over the years, the brostep sound has evolved, pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the genre. Originally, brostep was known for its heavy use of metallic wobble basslines and complex rhythmic patterns. However, as time went on, producers began experimenting with different sounds and techniques, leading to the development of a more diverse and dynamic brostep sound.

One of the most significant impacts of brostep has been its influence on other subgenres of dubstep. The intense, high-energy nature of brostep has seeped into other styles, shaping the direction of the overall dubstep scene. Subgenres like riddim and tearout have emerged, drawing heavily from the brostep sound. These subgenres often feature similar aggressive basslines and intense drops, but with their own unique twists and variations.

Additionally, brostep's influence can be seen in other electronic music genres as well. Artists from various genres, such as trap and drum and bass, have incorporated elements of brostep into their own productions. The heavy, distorted basslines and energetic drops that define brostep have become a staple in many modern electronic music styles.


Chillstep, a relaxing subgenre of dubstep, is known for its melodic beats and soothing vocals. It combines elements of dubstep with a more laid-back and atmospheric vibe, creating a unique fusion of styles.

With its calming and introspective qualities, chillstep offers a refreshing and enjoyable listening experience for fans of electronic music.

Relaxing Dubstep Subgenre

One popular subgenre of dubstep known for its relaxing and soothing vibes is Chillstep. Characterized by its melodic elements and slower tempo, Chillstep creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere for listeners.

This subgenre is often distinguished by its meditative basslines and ambient melodies. The meditative basslines provide a steady and rhythmic foundation, while the ambient melodies add a touch of ethereal beauty to the music. The combination of these elements creates a unique sound that's perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

Chillstep has gained popularity in recent years as a go-to genre for those seeking a peaceful and tranquil listening experience. Whether used as background music for meditation or simply to unwind after a long day, Chillstep is a genre that offers a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Melodic Beats and Vocals

Characterized by its melodic beats and captivating vocals, Chillstep offers a mesmerizing and immersive experience for listeners. This subgenre of dubstep focuses on exploring atmospheric melodies and incorporating emotional storytelling into its beats.

Chillstep takes the traditional aggressive and high-energy nature of dubstep and transforms it into a more relaxing and introspective sound. The melodic beats create a soothing ambiance that allows listeners to unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life.

The vocals in Chillstep are often ethereal and haunting, adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to the music. By combining elements of dubstep with melodic and emotional elements, Chillstep creates a unique and enchanting musical experience for its audience.

Fusion of Dubstep Elements

With a fusion of dubstep elements, Chillstep creates a unique and enchanting musical experience for its audience.

Chillstep is a subgenre of dubstep that emerged in the late 2000s, exploring electronic music by blending the heavy basslines and rhythmic patterns of dubstep with ambient and melodic elements. This fusion gives Chillstep a more relaxed and atmospheric sound compared to its more aggressive counterparts.

Chillstep is often characterized by its use of ethereal vocals, soothing melodies, and downtempo beats. It's known for its ability to create a calming and introspective ambiance, making it a popular choice for relaxation, meditation, and studying.

The evolution of dubstep sound has paved the way for the emergence of Chillstep, offering a fresh and captivating take on electronic music.


Riddim, a subgenre of dubstep, is often recognized for its heavy basslines and syncopated rhythms. It distinguishes itself from other subgenres, such as brostep, through its unique characteristics. While brostep focuses on aggressive and intense drops, riddim takes a more minimalistic approach, emphasizing repetition and groove.

One significant aspect of riddim is its evolution in production techniques. Over time, producers have experimented with different sound design and mixing techniques to create the signature riddim sound. They've incorporated elements like metallic bass wobbles, growls, and laser-like synths to add depth and texture to the tracks. Additionally, the use of intricate percussion patterns and intricate drum fills enhances the syncopated rhythms, making riddim tracks stand out.

Riddim's production techniques have evolved alongside the advancements in technology. Producers now have access to a wide range of tools and software that enable them to manipulate sounds in unprecedented ways. This has allowed for greater experimentation, resulting in the creation of more complex and intricate riddim tracks.


Trapstep, a fusion of trap and dubstep, combines the heavy bass and aggressive beats of trap music with the electronic elements and wobbly basslines of dubstep. It's a genre that explores trap influences while incorporating hip hop rhythms.

Trap, a subgenre of hip hop, originated in the early 2000s in the southern United States. It's characterized by its booming 808 kick drums, rapid hi-hats, and dark, atmospheric soundscapes. Trapstep takes these elements and infuses them with the signature wobbly basslines and electronic sound design of dubstep.

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Incorporating hip hop rhythms, trapstep creates a unique blend of hard-hitting beats and heavy bass drops. The genre often features aggressive synth melodies and vocal samples, adding to its energetic and intense atmosphere. It has gained popularity in recent years, with artists like Flosstradamus, RL Grime, and Baauer leading the way.

Future Garage

Future Garage emerged in the late 2000s as a fusion of garage and dubstep, characterized by its atmospheric soundscapes and intricate rhythmic patterns. This subgenre of electronic music has evolved over the years, taking influences from various genres and artists.

The evolution of Future Garage can be traced back to the early 2000s when garage music started incorporating elements of dubstep. This fusion resulted in a unique sound that combined the rhythmic patterns of garage with the bass-heavy and atmospheric elements of dubstep. As the genre gained popularity, artists began experimenting with different styles, pushing the boundaries of Future Garage even further.

One of the major influences on Future Garage is the 2-step garage movement, which emerged in the late 1990s. Artists such as MJ Cole and Artful Dodger played a significant role in shaping the sound of Future Garage, with their use of syncopated beats and soulful melodies.

Another influence on Future Garage is the ambient and experimental music scene. Artists like Burial, who's often credited as a pioneer of the genre, incorporated atmospheric soundscapes and haunting vocal samples into their tracks, creating a distinct and immersive listening experience.

Experimental Dubstep

Experimental Dubstep pushes the boundaries of the genre by combining unique sounds that aren't typically associated with traditional dubstep.

This subgenre explores new production techniques and constantly evolves to create innovative and cutting-edge music.

Unique Sound Combinations

One interesting aspect of dubstep is the use of unique sound combinations to create an experimental and innovative musical experience. Dubstep artists often push the boundaries of traditional music by exploring unconventional rhythms and blending dubstep with classical music.

By incorporating elements of classical composition into their tracks, these artists create a fusion of genres that's both captivating and unique. The juxtaposition of classical instruments, such as violins and pianos, with the heavy bass and electronic beats of dubstep, creates a dynamic and unexpected sound.

This experimentation with sound combinations not only challenges the listener's expectations but also pushes the boundaries of what's considered traditional dubstep. It allows for a fresh and exciting approach to the genre, bringing together different musical styles and creating a truly unique and experimental experience.

Pushing Genre Boundaries

How do dubstep artists push genre boundaries and create experimental tracks?

By constantly pushing the limits of their sound, dubstep artists are able to create unique and innovative tracks that challenge traditional notions of the genre.

One way they achieve this is through evolving sound design, constantly experimenting with new techniques and technologies to create fresh and boundary-pushing sounds. This allows them to create tracks that stand out and defy conventional expectations.

Additionally, genre bending collaborations play a significant role in pushing the boundaries of dubstep. By collaborating with artists from different genres, dubstep artists are able to blend elements from various musical styles, resulting in tracks that are truly unique and groundbreaking.

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Evolving Production Techniques

By constantly pushing the boundaries of their sound, dubstep artists evolve their production techniques, incorporating new and innovative methods to create experimental tracks. In this quest for sonic exploration, they're constantly exploring new soundscapes and incorporating live instruments into their compositions.

Here are five ways in which dubstep artists are currently evolving their production techniques:

  • Utilizing modular synthesizers to create unique and unpredictable sounds
  • Sampling unconventional objects and manipulating the recordings to create interesting textures
  • Incorporating traditional instruments such as guitars and pianos to add organic elements to their tracks
  • Experimenting with granular synthesis to break down and manipulate audio at a microscopic level
  • Collaborating with musicians from different genres to bring diverse influences into their dubstep productions

Through these evolving production techniques, dubstep artists are pushing the boundaries of the genre and creating experimental tracks that defy expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did the Genre of Dubstep Evolve Over Time?

Over time, dubstep evolved as a genre influenced by UK garage and shaped by advancements in technology. The impact of UK garage can be seen in the rhythmic elements, while technology allowed for more experimentation and unique sound production.

What Are Some Popular Artists or DJs in the Dubstep Scene?

Many popular artists and DJs have emerged in the dubstep scene, creating top tracks that have influenced other electronic music genres. Their unique sounds and beats have captivated audiences worldwide.

What Are the Main Characteristics That Differentiate Brostep From Other Subgenres of Dubstep?

Brostep is a subgenre of dubstep with distinct characteristics that differentiate it from other subgenres. It is known for its heavy and aggressive sound, intense bass drops, and use of high-pitched, screechy synths.

How Does Chillstep Differ From Traditional Dubstep in Terms of Tempo and Overall Mood?

Chillstep differs from traditional dubstep in terms of tempo and overall mood. It has a slower tempo and a more relaxed, melodic sound. This genre has had a significant impact on the music industry, influencing other genres to incorporate elements of dubstep.

Are There Any Notable Collaborations Between Dubstep Artists and Artists From Other Genres?

Collaborations between dubstep artists and artists from other genres have had a significant impact on mainstream music. They bring together different styles and create unique sounds that appeal to a wide audience.

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